Just West of New Mexico

Did not expect to travel as far west as Arizona on this trip…the road just kinda led me there. Another chance to update the Pontiac state portrait gallery (as previously explained in this post).

You can view the full image collection via this link to an album in Google Photos.



Since 2015, my road excursions have felt a little off as compared to adventures of years past…like some spark has been extinguished. I’m confident that this is due to the time and mental energy consumed each night by sorting through photos and connecting (or trying to connect) to internet. In the old days, I would wait until I had returned home before editing and sharing my pictures.

After a long day of driving, hiking and exploration, it’s good to wind down by doing nothing more demanding than staring at the night sky. So, I plan to be offline for the next few weeks. Rest assured that I’ll return with plenty of new photos from the road.

Enjoy the month of May, everyone!