Riding with Carl: New Interactive Map & Dozens of New Videos

With the departure of the Pontiac, I have decided to decommission the large framed wall maps of the US and Canada which show my first 32 years of North American exploration. While many new journeys await the arrival of my next vehicle, I’ve no interest in continuing to trace lines on these maps. The USA map is already a tangled mess from the Pontiac routes alone; by the time I add on all of my upcoming trips, the map will be nothing but a giant splotch of Sharpie ink.

Furthermore, who enters my home to look at these maps? No one. In fact, they’re hanging in my storage room where even I rarely see them. The transition from one vehicle to the next seems like the perfect opportunity to take this project to the web, where the data can be easily updated after each new adventure and easily shared with my adoring public.

Presenting the new Riding with Carl interactive map, viewable at maps.ridingwithcarl.com

The four layers of markers show my campsite history (green), my hiking locations (red), state & provincial summits I’ve ascended (blue), and other points of interest from my travels (purple).

Some markers are very close together and one may be hidden by another when you’re in the wide continental view; just zoom in and pan the get the view and the level of separation you want. You can also use the checkboxes in the left-side menu to toggle each individual layer on or off, in case you’d like to see the distribution of campsites alone, or just the summits, etc.

Of the 132 markers currently on the map, 67% of them have a photo attached, along with links to trip reports and/or videos if available. Just click the marker on the map, or the marker’s title in the left-side menu, to bring up the details page with the image and the active links. Click on the photo to enlarge it…

Those markers with missing photos are mostly older events. As I add new markers on future trips, I’ll be sure to get a photo or some video to preserve the occasion.

Please note that certain markers for hiking and for campsites may be off by as much as a few miles from the actual location. This was done either to protect the identity of private landowners who gave me permission to be there, or simply because the event happened so long ago that I can’t recall the specific spot; some markers date back to 1973. Also note that I tried to reduce clutter by omitting hiking markers where summit markers already exist. If I made it to the summit, some quantity of hiking is implied (for about half of them, that is; Delaware’s summit is certainly one that falls into the “drive up” category).

There is a fifth layer to the map…the one with that jagged black line. Although I said I wanted to get away from drawing lines on my maps, this is one route I just had to preserve—my first cross-country journey, and my first Pontiac road trip, which happened less than four months after I had purchased the LeMans.

On that long, long ride in the autumn of 1990, I recorded about 14 hours’ worth of VHS video along the way—a lot of it with the camera mounted to the top of the windshield. And now that the footage has been digitized, I’ve sorted through it all and posted the clips worth sharing to their own YouTube playlist, which contains 17 videos—some short, some long. You can view all of the VHS clips from that journey via this link to the playlist: The Road to California.

All of the videos recorded during my October 2022 camping adventure have also been uploaded to YouTube. Overall, my channel currently has a total of 108 videos. I’ll keep adding new ones with each new adventure, and old ones as I dig them out of digital storage. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to be notified whenever new content is available. I hope you’ll enjoy the scenery, old and new.

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