Good to the Last Drop

Buffalo Peaks Ranch
South Park, Colorado


Altitude Adjustment

Can’t stay away. We so enjoyed last year’s visit to the Buffalo Peaks Ranch that we had to do it all over again. Today, we wrapped up another amazing weekend exploring and photographing this high-country paradise in South Park, Colorado…future home of the Rocky Mountain Land Library.

I’ll be sharing some digital images of our adventures in the days ahead. However, 35mm film ruled the weekend, and you’ll see many more photos once those rolls are processed and scanned next month. Stay tuned.

Down on the Farm

This morning, my road trip brought me to a natural oasis within a sea of development. There, I found photographer Gary Bowen. With our cameras at the ready, we enjoyed a frosty sunrise hike through the Metzger Farm Open Space in Westminster, Colorado. Though we didn’t spot the coyotes today, there were plenty of birds out and about, and lots of color. Be sure to check out Gary’s wonderful photographs featuring the many inhabitants of this preserve.


Great blue heron…

Magpie with a cattail…

The resident kingfisher, and his friend, a northern flicker…

High Plains Drifter II

As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of Pontiac pictures that show the top in the up position. The old photo of my first visit to Nebraska’s highest point, seen below, was successfully replaced today by the one above. A few things have changed since 1996; the fence is new, as is the $3 entry fee. And the road leading in has become much rougher…just like me.

Harvest Moon 2017

South Dakota never disappoints when it comes to viewing the Harvest Moon. This was the scene Thursday evening in the rangeland east of Rapid City.

While waiting for the moon to come up, I caught this beautiful sunset over the Black Hills…

2 for 1: I started my day with a bonus Harvest Moon sighting just 12 hours earlier, setting over the hills to the west of Rapid City…

I ask the moon for orchids
She said, “How ’bout a drop of blood from a rolling stone?”
She never fails to tickle my funny bone

“Burn Card”
The Barr Brothers