The Waiting Game


Back on October 2, I finally got around to shooting an old roll of Ektachrome IE color infrared film that had been sitting in my closet for decades. I found one lab that will still process such an oddity (Film Rescue International), and the roll is now in their hands…scheduled for processing in their December batch, with the results being returned to me in the second half of January.

The roll may very well be trashed, as old and sensitive as it was. But FRI tells me that this film often produces some wild “artistic” results in their processing, and we’re jointly optimistic that something cool may be forthcoming. The roll was exposed at the photographic wonderland that is the Buffalo Peaks Ranch. If I get one nice image from those 37 frames, I’ll be happy.

Until then, the ranch photos taken on Panatomic-X film have already made their way back from the lab, and I’ll be sharing those images here in the days ahead.

Natural Forces

I rode across the great high plains
Under the scorchin’ sun and through the drivin’ rain
And when I set my sights on the mountains high
I bid my former life goodbye

So thank you, ma’am, I must decline
For it’s on my steed I will rely
Out underneath the open sky
Where I’m subject to the natural forces
My home is where my horse is

“Natural Forces”
Lyle Lovett