Coming & Going

One of the many joys of spending time on the Great Plains is the opportunity to observe the sky on a grand scale. I find it fascinating to see weather events forming while still many miles away, and to witness the often dramatic interplay of clouds, colors, darkness and light—always changing, never the same show twice. On this day, we watched as a spring shower approached rapidly from the northwest…

32 minutes later—a look at the cell’s backside as it passed to the southeast…

And two minutes after that…

As I’ve said before, standing on the prairie makes you feel tiny.

Weld County, Colorado

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Natural Forces

I rode across the great high plains
Under the scorchin’ sun and through the drivin’ rain
And when I set my sights on the mountains high
I bid my former life goodbye

So thank you, ma’am, I must decline
For it’s on my steed I will rely
Out underneath the open sky
Where I’m subject to the natural forces
My home is where my horse is

“Natural Forces”
Lyle Lovett