Restless Kid

Gotta breathe some air again
That ain’t been breathed before

Driving season has arrived. After a wonderful May excursion through the Great Plains, the southern Rocky Mountains and the desert, it’s now time to roll in a different direction and return to the land of the lynx, the wolf, the bear and the aurora.

During that May trip, I experimented with limiting the time I spent online and the time I spent editing photos. It was a great success and I enjoyed the trip much more as a result. The laptop is staying at home from now on, and this blog will be dark while I’m traveling; I’ll post the accumulated photos and stories upon my return. The easiest, quickest way to share images from the road is to post them to Instagram straight from my phone. So, for those who want to follow this upcoming adventure in real time (or as close to real time as wilderness cellular connectivity allows), visit my Instagram account here:

Thanks! Enjoy your September.

Restless Kid” by Johnny Cash

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The Place to Be

This is where we love to play. You’re looking northward from the edge of the Middle Fork South Platte River, with a view of the Buffalo Peaks Ranch, Mount Silverheels and Reinecker Ridge. Below is a short video of this scene; I think the sound of the river enhances the view…

Many more photos of our recent visit will be posted in the weeks ahead. If you’re unfamiliar with the ranch or the Rocky Mountain Land Library project, here are a couple of articles to get you started:

The New York Times

The Denver Post