Season Opener

Unusually deep into the calendar for a season-opening drive, but 2017 has delivered the most cloudy and damp spring that I can recall. Driving weather finally arrived this past weekend; it felt great to be out on the road again. Happy to report that the car is running smoothly after several months in hibernation. Stay tuned for more joyriding photos and another long westward drive this September (dates and destinations yet to be determined).

Closing Time

Yesterday saw the last ride of the season. The cold air finally arrives tomorrow, and the Pontiac will spend the winter in deep slumber. 2016 was a banner year….we logged 9000 miles together.

Fortunately, there are still hundreds of photos from the Great Fall Excursion to be sorted and processed. I’ll be posting the best of those here over the next several months. Stay tuned, and enjoy.

The night’s all that’s left behind
You take your part and I’ll take mine
And go on home
It’s closing time

“Closing Time”
Lyle Lovett