Glorious Failure

I love disasters like this. This is the roll that the lab told me was too faint to scan; I scanned it anyway. An old roll of high-speed Konica SR-G 3200 color print film, with a 1993 expiration date. These first two shots show Reinecker Ridge at sunrise, as seen from the Buffalo Peaks Ranch.

I have a large supply of old film, but it’s mostly black & white and I’ve never noticed any age-related issues when shooting that stuff. Color is a different story. And when it comes out like this, I really wish I had a lot more. Time to start scouring the internet and stocking up.

A shot of Sarah at the ranch. Looks as though she has found an interdimensional portal…

Later that week, a scene from Custer, South Dakota…

And, from my final evening in South Dakota this year, two shots of the sunset along my favorite gravel road…

The image above is the last frame on the roll. Not sure where the blocking effect came from, but I love it.


“Dwayne Hoover’s Exit 11 Pontiac Village”

1996: Even though Pontiacs were still being made, very few of these vintage neon dealership signs were still in service. When I discovered this one aglow in a small Indiana town, I knew I had to set up for a car & driver portrait.

Happy that I did; on my next visit, not long afterward, the signs were gone, the dealership was closed. Since then, the old brick sidewalk has been replaced with concrete, and the building is now a pizza joint. So it goes.