Nature, Preserving Itself

Well, five years have gone by and a few more inches of aluminum have been ingested by this old oak tree, living its life in super-slow motion (or, maybe we’re living too fast).

Being in a nature preserve, I imagine this tree will live and die right where it stands. But should this oak ever make its way to a lumber mill, the saw operator is in for a big surprise.

I’ll visit again in 2023. Stay tuned.


Fun with Film

Something I’ve enjoyed greatly over the last few years is collaborating with friends around the world to create multiple-exposure photographs using 35mm film. After I exposed this roll of Adox Silvermax 100, I mailed it to my friend John in Australia, who gave it a second pass with his camera. It’s especially rewarding when you keep each other in the dark regarding the scenes that you captured, and finally see the happy accidents that result.

You can learn more by visiting the Swap-Stop International website.

(My thanks to John and Walter for making this possible.)

Heavy Metal

Looks like our long winter is finally history. A late start to the 2018 driving season, but I’ll take it. Sure was wonderful to spend several hours out on country roads today, driving in no particular direction.

Grain Beats Pixels

Before cell phones were smart, and before I owned a DSLR, I carried one of those crude pocket digital cameras; you remember…the kind with a max resolution of 640 x 480. Found the shot above, featuring my dad’s Stetson hat, in my archive.

Below: same car, different hat. Once I found that old digital image, I remembered this frame in my negative library. Love the grain on this 3200 film. As far as I can tell, this is the first self-portrait I ever shot with the LeMans…probably less than a year after I purchased it. Parked here between Highway 1 and a seaside cliff, the Pacific booming right below me. This spot is just a short walk from my favorite coastal hiking ground, as described in this post.

Kodak T-MAX P3200 film

Marin County, California



27 Years

Happy to report that the rain paused long enough for me to enjoy an anniversary drive this weekend. As an added bonus, the young crescent moon popped out from behind the clouds just as the ride ended.

By the way, these aren’t lakes…they’re flooded cornfields. Been a rainy, rainy, rainy few months here.

Season Opener

Unusually deep into the calendar for a season-opening drive, but 2017 has delivered the most cloudy and damp spring that I can recall. Driving weather finally arrived this past weekend; it felt great to be out on the road again. Happy to report that the car is running smoothly after several months in hibernation. Stay tuned for more joyriding photos and another long westward drive this September (dates and destinations yet to be determined).

Riding with Carl

My Pontiac has taken me to many fascinating places over the years. But a clear majority of the bliss I’ve experienced in this convertible has occurred on journeys that have no destination. Whether a multi-day affair through the plains or the desert, or simply an hour-long joyride around the local countryside, I savor every opportunity to roll down the back roads of North America, feeling the sun and the wind, gazing at the sky and the clouds or the moon and the stars, smelling the trees and flowers and grasses, and listening to music that perfectly compliments the scenery at hand. Driving this car brings me a level of contentment that I could never attain through yoga, meditation or the use of chemicals. I’ve yet to grow weary of this avocation; can’t imagine that I ever will.

Most of the miles I’ve traveled have been logged on trips of this nature, and with an empty passenger seat. Yet every so often, a friend will join me on one of these local excursions. I love traveling and exploring the world on my own, but having a passenger in the car adds another level of fun to the experience; it’s always gratifying to see a friend enjoying the ride as much as I do.