We Meet Again

A new photo to replace the old photo: Self-portrait atop the highest point in South Dakota. The mountain hasn’t changed much in the last 19 years, but I certainly have.


The Night Has Eyes

…and ears and wings and talons. Owl sightings are always special to me as they are so infrequent, and it’s rarer still that I can catch an owl on camera. When I saw the silhouette of this beautiful creature along a lonely road just after sunset, I parked the Pontiac immediately and walked slowly toward the brush, firing off a frame every few seconds. This was as near as I could get before the owl disappeared silently into the fading light.

One last image from the archive before I hit the road this week. I’ve packed 25 rolls of film for this trip…hope that will be enough. And I’ll certainly keep an eye out for owls along the way.

Western Texas
December 1994
Kodak Tri-X film

Black Elk

Now that this mountain has a new name (its third), I think it is time to revisit the summit, which I hope to do in the next few weeks. Road trip season has arrived; stay tuned for a new batch of photos from the American West.