Fool on the Hill

Every journey through South Dakota includes a drive to the top my favorite hill in Yankton County. Alone and standing high above the surrounding farmland, it offers broad unobstructed views of the evening sky. It’s a quiet and peaceful place to watch the Sun and the Moon as they fall toward the prairie.

Last month, on the day following the New Moon, I parked on the hilltop and set up the tripod, camera and 200mm lens. The sky was generally clear, but a wall of clouds on the western horizon had me wondering if I would see the entire show.

While I waited for twilight to arrive, I spent time shooting the colorful layers of the evening clouds at full zoom…

But a surprise was waiting at the bottom of that cloud wall…a thin window of open sky right at the horizon. It was strange to see the lower limb of the Sun appear out of that dark mass and then watch the remainder of the sunset through the slim gap…

Then it was time for Luna to sink through the clouds—just a 3.3% waxing crescent at the time of these photos…

The lights at the bottom of the next photo belong to distant farmhouses…

~ ~ ~

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