The Long Run

I’ve written about my love for exploring the backroads of North America…roads that see very little traffic, roads that I can have all to myself and enjoy at a relaxed pace while taking in the scenery. However, back in the ’90s, when I had the ability to sit for hours on end, there were a few occasions when I was intent on making good time, for one reason or another. On these trips, I drove the LeMans over 1000 miles in less than 24 hours…no sleep, stopping only for restrooms, gas, food and a few photographs of the scenery:

April 1992: New Mexico to Oklahoma to Texas, 1095 miles in 22 hours

May 1994: Texas to Indiana, 1049 miles in 18 hours

September 1996: Indiana to Oklahoma, 1255 miles in 23 hours

September 1996: California to Colorado, 1051 miles in 17 hours

September 1998: South Dakota to Indiana, 1124 miles in 17.5 hours

And prior to those events was one grand piece of insanity that occurred in June of 1991: a sleepless marathon run from Marin County, California to northern Indiana: 2337 miles in 38.5 hours.

That journey was not a conscious attempt to set a record or to make a statement. I’m not sure why it worked out the way that it did. Attribute it to the energy of youth, or the hubris of youth.

In any case, never again. It’s been many years since I’ve had interest in that type of travel.

Any such trips in your past that you’d like to share?

4 thoughts on “The Long Run

  1. Carl, I don’t know how those long drives were even possible; I practically fall asleep at the wheel driving from the shore to Philadelphia (one hour). And that’s with things to look at on the way! Tony and I drove from Albuquerque back to Clovis very late one night, and I recall we could barely tune a radio station in. But wow – the stars.

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