2 thoughts on “Where the Wind Lives

  1. I was doing some map dreaming a couple days ago and googled “northernmost Manitoba point on public highway” or something similar and found your blog – hard to express how much affinity it evokes. It is like a “Blue Highways” with wonderful extensive photography and even more emphasis on place. (Although my favorite line is “If I would have gone looking for a particular place I would not have found this place”)
    And as one whose first car purchased was a 63 Bonneville convertible that I drove home from college on a cold Ohio January day with the top down, I love your choice of transportation.
    I have started working my way through the posts and the title of this one prompts me to ask if you are familiar with the short book of poetry by Linda Hussa of the same title. The title poem is wonderful and the book is sub-titled “Poems of the Great Basin”. We found it in the airbnb where we stayed for a week in Baker Nev (pop 68) last Sept and took day trips and hikes. Kerouacs (restaurant) in Baker is fabulous.

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    • Thanks very much for writing, Russ! No, I am not familiar with that book; I just grabbed the title from my head. It’s been a long time since I drove through Nevada and I’m anxious to return. I’ll put Baker on the list. I hope you’ll enjoy looking through these old posts, and I hope you’ll be making your way to some strange point on the map very soon.


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