I have updated my wall maps of the USA and Canada to include my 2016 adventures. The lines you see represent the 208,300 miles the Pontiac has traveled over the last 26 years, passing though 48 states, 5 provinces, 1 territory and 1 district.

In addition to serving as a record of the places I’ve been, these maps often inspire my next journey in the LeMans. Entering this room on any given day, I might notice a patch of white that’s just calling out for the addition of a blue line.

If this pace of exploration continues, this will eventually cease to be a map…it will become a useless blob of blue, with a little white here and there. Perhaps I should retire the USA map at the 30-year mark and start a new one.

Still plenty of unexplored roads in Canada, however. If only one could drive to Nunavut…


3 thoughts on “Analog

  1. Great maps Carl. I like to do the same thing with the pictures I take, I put them on a map… but in my case I use Google Maps. That way, when I discover a “white” spot, I can zoom in to organize my next photo-journey πŸ™‚
    BTW, as I have more & more friends on Ello, I decided to translate my website into English… so have a look at this map : you will see what I mean…

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